My #3words2017 , and YOU ?

picmonkey_imageHello my dear ones ! For sure 2016 was one hell of a year and for sure 2017 is going to be a Spectacular Year full of challenges and new stories to remember and cherish . First things first, we are still in the 2016, and I would like to Thank Him for all that he has brought me . I couldn’t say that is was a fabulous year because some how I’ve got caught up on the road and miss my way on to an even more spectacular Exit of the Year . Making mistakes is the best way to learn .I am Grateful for all the opportunities I had and all the Magic that happened in 2016. Therefor I discover  a great inspiration that from day 1 it started to resonate with me.

Isra Garcia  it become My Mentor he is a Marketer. Adviser. Speaker. Author. Educator. Principal. Digital Transformation. Blogger Entrepreneur and much more …

I have so much to learn from and I am so excited to start a Brand New Begging building it brick by brick . So this post is going to mark a Difference for my Next Year and is going to be composed by only #3WORDS2017


Happy New Year, Happy New App, Snapchat 📸! 

Happy New Year to my absolutely gorgeous ones 🍾 I bet you had a fantastic time 😃 !

I know I’ve been away some weeks now ,this holidays season has been very busy for me therefore I enjoyed very much and charged my batteries with family quality time . 

So what a better way to start the year with something new , so I’ve decided to take The Blonde’s Life to Snapchat ! I love the idea the pictures will be deleted after seen , feels like I can get naughty about this pictures stuff hehehe :))) but enough said and now let us start the new chapter from the 2016 Book of Our Life , I adore new beginnings is like the second chance , this time you better do it right 😉 right?? 

Here is my first Snapchat , to subscribe just add




Thank you for the follow sweethearts , coming soon a new makeup tutorial with some of my beauty tricks 😋 ! I’ll see you all soon , muaaaah 😘!  

Holidays Makeup !

Fabulous quick and glamorous makeup for the New Years Eve !

Happy Holidays everybody !

In case you haven’t seen my latest video for this season of holidays , take a glimpse here and you can get some nice tricks for a lovely glamorous glow for the New Year 2016 !