The importance of feeling important 

        Sometimes life feels like a flat line. Nothing is terrible. But nothing is really great, either. You live your days. You fight for the weekends. Time passes. And then it’s back to the beginning again, to a monotonous blue Monday when you return to your numbness, to your flaky job, to daydreaming for hours about all the things you wish you could change. You think about what you should be doing instead of all of this, because whatever this is isn’t working. And as the days crawl along, draining all the lush creativity you thought had once defined your character, the more stuck and uninspired you get.
You want to shake free from this terrible web. You want to rediscover that part of yourself that once was so steadfast and full of ideas, when everything you ever wanted to do in life seemed so possible. These days it just feels whatever now. It’s like the color in your mind has disappeared. And you miss it, that lust for life and how it felt when your mind was challenged. This is when you miss college the most, when you were surrounded by intellectual energy and writing and books and conversations that made you think and see the world differently. But college was so long ago. That passion didn’t stay alive. The rut had won. And now everything is the same.
This is also when you miss having great conversations with people who have done crazy beautiful things in life who can teach you things and make you discover things about yourself that you never saw before. Now you sit in a room full of people having the same flat conversation that you’ve heard a million times and you’ve never felt more alone or misunderstood.
So you dive into books and music and wine, trying to immerse yourself in new light and big thoughts so you can reimagine your place in the world, your truth, your purpose. But it isn’t that easy to make those kinds of changes sometimes. It’s actually really hard to overcome feeling irrelevant. When your place in the world feels like a void, it feels as though at any second you’ll just disappear and nobody will know and it won’t make any bit of difference.
I wanted to matter in this world.
I wanted my mind and my creativity to make a difference. And I knew I was important but I wanted to feel important. And nothing I was doing was granting that. It was my own fault. I was a broken record. I needed to break free from the drudgery. I needed to find my spark again. And I needed to stop feeling like a victim because I had lost myself, because I wasn’t challenged, because I had become stagnant and continued to surround myself by people who I had zero connection with, and because I kept working a job that numbed me. But I refused to feel irrelevant anymore.
It wouldn’t all change overnight. But you have to believe in it. That’s how the first step goes. And as impossible as it might seem, whatever is it for you in terms of your greatest happiness or achievement, just know that it is possible.
But you have to wholly immerse yourself in this new world. You have to surround yourself with people who are passionate about things–people you can have deep conversations with and those you can learn something from. And if this means rethinking the people in your life because they don’t make you feel good, because they make you feel empty, because nobody has anything positive to say, then it is what it is. You have to do things that will challenge you, make you think, make you ask questions, and will help you embrace your talents again (or might even help you discover new ones). Because when you do all of this, when you refuse to feel stagnant and unimportant by doing everything differently than how it’s been, you will find yourself again.

Something in you will reignite. And you will rediscover the magic of possibility in this illuminated new world that reminds you just how important you and your talents really are.

Love , G x ❤️

Sometimes you feel big and powerful ,and sometimes you feel as the smallest ,unsignificant person …

Hello dear ones ,

It´s been a while since I haven´t posted anything here on the blog ,the thing is i´ve been too busy trying to figure out something that now if i look at it ,i don´t know why i struggle so much in forcing things to happen . I was cought up into “builing ” / retaking  a relationship on a long distance ( definitly not a fan of this kind of relationships ) . A relationship that 12 years ago made a huge difference in my life , and since then my personality was build up from that “standards” . I don´t think it was the right and most happy relationship , but as anything in life has his up´s and down´s this was not going to be perfect either. So here I am cought up ,and all confused . What is normal for the couples in long distance relationship to talk ,either text or call ? Show apreciation ,love and be caring ? I don´t know if it´s just me or the feeling that I have, but there is something that it tells my gut that something is not just right . And we women have the 6st sence that when something is not right , then it´s not . I´ve been puting so much energy and faith and love into this that it doesnt seem that it comes from the other side also , it feels like i´m in this alone and it shouldn´t . It´s a long story ,and complicated , i will try to take a break from it to clear my mind and my thoughts, meanwhile i will try to get back on track with my videos ,tutorials and specially this Blog  . I leave you know with a quote that i read and really resonate with me , hope you like it . quote

Thank you so much for reading my story and you will hear from me soon :*

Love Gx


#DIY #Christmas Poinsettia Flower

Hello dear ones , Christmas is almost here and i wanted to share with all of you this lovely Poinsettia  flower that i made with much LOVE  and care ❤  for you. Also i would like to share with you a small flower arrangement made by my sister ❤ Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all . Love Gx


Testing sweet and salty Asian food

Hello dear ones 🙂 Today I’ve made a video with my best friend Sonia from Gustamonton YouTube Channel ,testing some funny sweet and salty  Asian Products. Making this video was the best part , we laugh so much and made a lot of bloopers. Hope you enjoy watching this video as much as we did.

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Detox hair, minimized pores …

Hello my beauties, now you can get a DETOX hair at home ,very easy and simple .Also you can minimize your pores by using just one ingredient …i say no more , enjoy the video here :

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My first Review: L´Oreal Magic Retouch

Hey my dear ones, so I know is been a while since my last appearance on my YouTube Channel , but here it goes one of my very first reviews on a product. I must say I was really curious to try this product and I was anxious to make a review. The result about this product it really surprised me and got me like : “Woooooooow… “ Have you heard about this Magic Retouch ? Have you tried it ? Tell me what you think and have a look about how it worked on me 😉

Thank you for watching my video and for the support.

Much love and kisses to you my dear ones

G xo ❤




MBFWM16 porque amo Agatha Ruiz de la Prada

Hola guapísimas ,sobre el desfile de este 19 de febrero, Agatha Ruiz de la Prada trae una gran cantidad de su buen ambiente, positivo, feliz y colorido como cada edición de Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid alias MBFWM. Año tras año se supera a sí misma y está creando un vínculo muy especial con su público, los fans, la mayoría de ellos ya son amigos ,que se unen a este fantástico evento absolutamente maravilloso y colorido de moda. Si no fuera por Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, creo que este evento se convertiría en algo muy serio,algo triste , con poco color buuu muy soso verdad ?!

No puedo estar más encantada con Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, mi diseñadora favorita. He llegado conocerla hace unos años y simplemente me enamore de ella. Comencé  a visitar la tienda en Madrid (Serrano 27) y comprar ropa que me encanta lo feliz, alegre y  muy asequible que es. No sabía lo que iba a ocurrir a continuación, empecé a subir algunas fotos mías #agathizada en Instagram , y para mi sorpresa,había toda una comunidad ahí  apoyando y amando a Agatha Ruiz de la Prada. Así que empecé a unirme a ellos, poco a poco, me he comprado más ropa, más fotos, más Likes y lo suficientemente pronto ya llegaba la Vogue Fashion Night Out , por supuesto, no yo podía faltar, sobre todo si la tienda  ARP estaba participando, yo sólo quería unirme a ellos. Así que allí estaba yo, entrando en la tienda, cuando escucho mi nombre y algunas chicas saludándome, como ..? Empecé a pensar, ¿de dónde me conocen? Entonces me vino en la mente Instagram ! 🙂

En resumen ,he empezado a amar esta encantadora comunidad y a estas personas que lo forman, donde vayas si te ven llevar algo de ARP ya comienzan a hablar contigo y sin dudarlo te dan la bienvenida con una gran sonrisa en la cara . Poco después llegó la MBFWM y empecé a aficionarme más a mi diseñadora favorita, ella simplemente no diseña ropa y la vende,  Ella cambia el mundo, al menos en mi opinión. Ella esta involucrada en muchos eventos ,proyectos y sin dar un paso atrás ,de cualquier cosa, lo que sea, ella está allí para poner su CORAZÓN  y darle vida a todo aquello . Y por eso realmente YO AMO a Agatha Ruiz de la Prada <3