5 Tips you probably didn’t know for a natural look

Hello my sweethearts ,

I know this is something that you might have waited for a long time now. A natural look and some tips on how to make it. This time also with subtitles in English. Feel free to leave your comment and tell me what you think about the tricks and the look also you can share it with your friends 😉

Enjoy darlings !


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IMG_3173Hey there gorgeous ones ,

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Holidays Makeup !

Fabulous quick and glamorous makeup for the New Years Eve !

Happy Holidays everybody !

In case you haven’t seen my latest video for this season of holidays , take a glimpse here and you can get some nice tricks for a lovely glamorous glow for the New Year 2016 !

My very first Makeup Tutorial !



Hello dear ones,

Today i manged to finish my very first Makeup Tutorial !! I am truly excited about this. This is a new road to unknown, everything is new to me and I´m super ecstatic . So I´m gonna need your opinion here , it is very important to me. If you liked the video , feel free to subscribe,like and share for future even better videos .

Thank you all so much , you´re wonderful !