How to : Clean Brushes

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In this video I show you how I clean my brushes and also i tell you about the importance of having them clean all the time. Have a glimpse on this economic , easy and useful method and tell me what you think .

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@LaVidaRubia : My new Twitter account !  

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So lately  i’ve been working pretty hard on my project and also I thought it will be a great idea if I open a Twitter account . I think is a fantastic idea and and there for here it is , it’s gonna be so much fun 😋😍👍🏼 I’ve decided also to give it a twist , and since I live in Spain I said it sound even more fun in Spanish , so there it is:


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Makeup tutorial -Deep Blue Smokey Eye

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I know it´s been a while since my last post ,I’ve took a vacation and went to Italy for a while , but now I´m back on track with a new tutorial ,Deep Blue Smokey Eye. I must admit this one is really really easy to make ,and the result is just fabulous as you can see.

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5 Tips you probably didn’t know for a natural look

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I know this is something that you might have waited for a long time now. A natural look and some tips on how to make it. This time also with subtitles in English. Feel free to leave your comment and tell me what you think about the tricks and the look also you can share it with your friends 😉

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Holidays Makeup !

Fabulous quick and glamorous makeup for the New Years Eve !

Happy Holidays everybody !

In case you haven’t seen my latest video for this season of holidays , take a glimpse here and you can get some nice tricks for a lovely glamorous glow for the New Year 2016 !

Christmas is coming closer and closer

untitled      I simply love it when suddenly I get caught up in the Magic of Christmas ! I know very well that December is the month of the holidays ( the Xmas decoration from some shops that start from mid November , remind us that ,not very fond then)  gifts ,  parties , and seeing old friends and is all creating a good energy and spirit that you want just want  Continue reading “Christmas is coming closer and closer”

3 day quote challenge part 2

I came across this lovely blog post and just wanted to share it with all of you . A simple reminder of what kind of beauty we aim for . I always try to go in harmony with what I am and feel inside and put it out there . I think the world needs more of the beauty of the soul right now ! What do you think ?


There are two kinds of beauty, the one that we see on magazines and the one that authors spend endless hours writing about.

I came over this quote and chose to write about it as I believe that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. We all have have different perspectives, opinions and ideals of beauty which is why we should always be aware that there are 2 kinds of beauty (as the quote says). The one that we see on the covers of magazines and the one that we read about in books.Beauty is defined as a quality that pleases or delights the senses or mind. I think that beauty is all in what a person sees in another person. What might make one person pretty makes another one hard to look at. What the world describes as beautiful is the most famous women in the world, Barbie. Of…

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20 Beauty Questions Tag ,Funday!

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Here are my answers to the challenge I’ve been recently tagged by Ryane Zamora Beauty ,thank you very much honey ,this is super fun !!So I’ll be sharing with you some of my secrets by answering the 20 Beauty Question Tag !

1. Do you remember your first makeup item? 

Hmm I think my first ever Makeup item it must of been a black eye pencil , I must have been around 12-13 , and I can´t remember how I got it , maybe it was my sisters, who knows .

2. Describe your perfect mascara. Have you found one that fits your specifications?

My perfect mascara I just accidentally found and totally won my heart and lashes is Lash Beautifier Volume Mascara with Argan Oil from Astor .What I love about it is that it gives such a natural look without charging too much your lashes ,a very flawless look . It´s amazing 😉

3. What kind of coverage do you prefer from foundation?

When it comes to foundation I don’t settle for less than a medium coverage. I have a redness skin tone tendency ,so I wouldn’t like that to see through my makeup, it wouldn’t seem right .

4. Favorite high-end brand?

My favorite favorite high-end brand is Chanel . My latest purchase was a Lipstick Rouge Allure Velvet Intense Long-Wear, I can barely feel it I wear any lipstick and my lips can´t get enough of it . It´s amazing how it accomplishes with all that promises. I simply adore it.

5. Favorite drugstore brand?

I think It must have been L’Oréal, I have many eyeshadows which they are quite ok , nail polish is also a good buy , they have great colors and good consistency . So that’s what I’ll go for in a drugstore.

6. Is there any kind of makeup you can’t leave the house without?  

For me is the foundation , but I’m not just that obsessed about it . Let´s say that I can go with a clean face to the supermarket ,or just buy something quick , but the rest I always wear foundation , it also protects your skin besides covering the imperfections .

7. What is your most cherished beauty product?

Now is the Lipstick I’ve mention on step 4 . Every time I put in on , it still manages to amaze me , and it gives me such a confidence knowing that will not smudge away and that will make my smile just perfect .

8. How often do you shop for makeup?

I find myself not shopping for makeup that often , now a days maybe 3-4 times a month ,but only if I strictly need something , then form time to time I give myself a small treat .

9. Do you have a “beauty budget” or you spend freely?

For now I am spending feely , as long as it goes with my necessity, is more under control .When it comes to beauty and good products I prefer to spend the extra bucks and buy that good product .That’s my philosophy for now, and also I don’t go over the top with this, it has to be something I can afford.

10. What type of product do you buy the most of? 

I buy most lipstick , I believe that you can change your entire look by only changing your lipstick . So there for I intend to buy that more often .

11. Do you avoid certain ingredients in cosmetics like parabens or sulfates?

I try to , but sometimes when I get too excited about a product and buy it compulsively , after I while I find the content and I get a bit disappointed . But I do have the will inside 😉

12. Do you have a favorite place to shop for makeup?

Here is Spain there is this huge Mall called El Corte Ingles , were they have Sephora , all the drugstore products and all the High–end products , its literally a paradise for me , I can spend so many hours here and never get bored .

13. Do you like trying new skincare products or do you keep a certain routine

I like changing things up ,because I didn’t find the right products just yet , I stick with something when I find that works well on my skin ,but as soon as I see a certain fatigue , I change. I believe our skin had different necessities depending on the climate , time of year , period of the month , you know our hormones go wild sometimes , and much more . So I do the same with my hair products as well. Being blonde is not easy hehehe

14. Favorite bath and body brand?  

My favorite body wash of all times was Amande Huile de Douche from L´Occitane, but the I received a gel –cream Aveeno Daily Moisturizer . It leaves my skin so soft and really nice scent that I could spend hours in the shower .

15. Do you like multifunctional products like lip and cheek stains? 

I love them , I like to innovate and explore. You can give so many uses to some products, you just need to use your imagination .

16. Are you clumsy in putting on makeup?

I have many years of practice so I don’t seem to have that side . Maybe before ,and when I start some new technique, but even then , is all in the practice .

17. Do you ever consider taking makeup classes?

Is not something that I consider of doing , but any new thing I learn is a win. I guess we never have enough information about makeup , there is always more and more to know about it .

18. What do you love about makeup? 

 I love what the makeup does , is taking out our beauty from within and it shows it to the world . I think is fantastic to be able to do that ,show how you feel inside and how you are by only putting makeup on. Yet of course we all are natural beauties and perfect already without makeup , but what if we add and extra spark to ourselves with a little help from our cosmetics ?! That will be even more in concordance with our interior , that’s just my idea. 

 19. Dramatic or Natural Makeup look?

I believe is all about the occasion ,natural is more for day time or anytime , and dramatic if we have a special event or if we’re going out , and we need that extra touch . 

 20. Worst makeup-related habit?

 My worst off all that only unfortunately happens not so often is that sometimes I sleep with my makeup on . I know ,believe me , is the worst I can do for my skin . But that’s the truth . I feel terrible about it the next day and my face will confirm that it wasn’t a great idea doing that .  

So that was fun, and as soon is I start doing it I said to myself this is a great idea to share this with some other girls ,so we can perpetuate. There for I challenge this beauties to do the same , here are the lucky girls : 

The Beauty Tab
 I feel so excited about this and i’m looking forward to read your answers!

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My very first Makeup Tutorial !



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Today i manged to finish my very first Makeup Tutorial !! I am truly excited about this. This is a new road to unknown, everything is new to me and I´m super ecstatic . So I´m gonna need your opinion here , it is very important to me. If you liked the video , feel free to subscribe,like and share for future even better videos .

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