Let´s make friends


Hello everyone and have a warm welcome to my blog!

I´m Gabrielle and I was born in Romania in ´87 and since 2005 i´ve been living in Spain (my country residence till present). It´s been really awesome here in Spain till now ,and the best is yet to come I´m sure. Who knows where life takes you ? I´ve also lived a few months in Sweden, and I´m the type of person that goes with the flow ,I simply go for it !

It started when I was little ,I knew I had something special ,an extreme desire and passion for beautyfashion and life that wanted to burst out and share the blissfulness of my soul with the rest of the world. Yet today I want to share with you my magnificent and wonderful moments, beauty tricks , makeup tutorials and what happens in my life aka-> The Blonde´s Life  . It´s always fun and entertaining, I never get bored and I´m always up to something. One of the rules I live by is Your the creator of your own every day’s life, it´s You that have an enormous power to change all the negative thoughts and situations and turn them into beautiful and magnificent ,lovely moments. YOU depend on YOURSELF DARLING, no one alse .

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, take a moment and look yourself in the mirror, you are beauty Darling, embrace what you have now ,who knows what tomorrow might bring.

Love Gx



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