Sometimes you feel big and powerful ,and sometimes you feel as the smallest ,unsignificant person …

Hello dear ones ,

It´s been a while since I haven´t posted anything here on the blog ,the thing is i´ve been too busy trying to figure out something that now if i look at it ,i don´t know why i struggle so much in forcing things to happen . I was cought up into “builing ” / retaking  a relationship on a long distance ( definitly not a fan of this kind of relationships ) . A relationship that 12 years ago made a huge difference in my life , and since then my personality was build up from that “standards” . I don´t think it was the right and most happy relationship , but as anything in life has his up´s and down´s this was not going to be perfect either. So here I am cought up ,and all confused . What is normal for the couples in long distance relationship to talk ,either text or call ? Show apreciation ,love and be caring ? I don´t know if it´s just me or the feeling that I have, but there is something that it tells my gut that something is not just right . And we women have the 6st sence that when something is not right , then it´s not . I´ve been puting so much energy and faith and love into this that it doesnt seem that it comes from the other side also , it feels like i´m in this alone and it shouldn´t . It´s a long story ,and complicated , i will try to take a break from it to clear my mind and my thoughts, meanwhile i will try to get back on track with my videos ,tutorials and specially this Blog  . I leave you know with a quote that i read and really resonate with me , hope you like it . quote

Thank you so much for reading my story and you will hear from me soon :*

Love Gx


3 thoughts on “Sometimes you feel big and powerful ,and sometimes you feel as the smallest ,unsignificant person …

  1. I think the best thing you should do is to have a real long and open conversation with that person. Tell all that’s going on in your mind, listen, and try to sort out. Yes, this will need a lot of courage, but you have it already that you can do it. Just thought i should say this cos this might help you solve your problem. It might sound cliche or sometimes stupid, i was just saying cos i felt so. Hope you get over it sooner. Love ya.

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    1. Thank you so much for encouraging me . I have a special quote that I remember either I’m on happy moments or bad ones : “This too shall pass.” And so it did .At the moment we haven’t spoken in more then a week , but I feel relax and tranquil because I know what I want and I know that is not the same thing of what he wants , therefore I can’t force someone to want my ideals and goals ,and if we don’t come halfway with this, is better that we follow what we want , in this case separate ways . Thank you so much once again Love Gx ❤️

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