Christmas is coming closer and closer

untitled      I simply love it when suddenly I get caught up in the Magic of Christmas ! I know very well that December is the month of the holidays ( the Xmas decoration from some shops that start from mid November , remind us that ,not very fond then)  gifts ,  parties , and seeing old friends and is all creating a good energy and spirit that you want just want to share it with everybody .  Even the people you don’t know , the ones you cross everyday when going to work , or in the supermarket , or when your  shopping , somehow you want to show more kindness ,more compassion ,more understanding . I believe this month is Our month , the Christmas allows us to be our true self’s , we feel safe to show our feelings without being judged or without making people think .

Long story short , take a moment from your everyday time , and make sure you live in conscience and from the heart !

Have a super fantastic and magical holidays everyone  !

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